How to Make a Wood Clock

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This one of a kind, hand crafted redwood burl clock will make a wonderful addition to your home or cabin. Its rustic beauty will catch the eye of all who visit. Because of the unique and varied nature of burl wood, no two are exactly alike. This project could also be expanded to include a thermometer and/or a barometer to compliment the standard clock.

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Technical Information for Building a Building a Wooden Clock

A. Materials List:

1 A Mounting Slab 1 1/2" x 11 1/2" x 35" Redwood Burl
1 B Clock Mechanism 6" Diameter  
1 C Battery AA  
2 D Hangers 1" Metal



B. Cutting & Sanding Procedures::

  1. From a redwood stump or large root use a chain saw to cut a slab 1 1/2" thick for the clock mounting (A). NOTE: If you don't have access to a redwood stump, you can purchase redwood burl slabs in the redwood country of Central and Northern California. Another source would be to purchase a slab through the internet using the key words (Redwood Burl).
  2. Use a handheld belt sander with a 50 grit belt to rough sand the face of the slab.
  3. Use an 80 grit belt to medium sand the face.
  4. Use a 120 grit belt to finish sand the face.
  5. Choose the area on the burl slab that the clock will be mounted. This area should have a diameter area of at least 8".
  6. Find the center of the clock area. On the slab, use a compass to lightly scribe a 6" circle for the clock face.
  7. Use a drill press and a 5/16" to drill a hole through the center for the clock mechanism.
  8. On the back side of the slab scribe a 4" diameter circle with its center at the hole previously drilled.
  9. Use a router and 1" straight router bit to route out the back side 1" deep within the 4" circle.

C. Finish Procedures:

  1. Use a tack rag to remove all dust from the slab.
  2. Use Kwik Bond-1 quick penetrating super glue to attach the numbers in place around the 6" diameter circle on the face of the slab. Allow two hours to dry sufficiently.
  3. Mix a resin and catalyst to the proper consistency as per the mixing directions on the products.
  4. Use a paint brush to apply the resin to the top surface and edges of the slab.
  5. Allow the resin to dry until it is hard.
  6. If additional thickness and luster is desired, continue to repeat steps 3 and 4 until satisfied.

D. Assembly Procedures

  1. Use brads, to attach the metal hangers (D) on the back side of the slab.
  2. Mount the clock mechanism (B) with screws in the routed area on the back of the slab.
  3. Attach the hour, minute, and second hands onto the clock mechanism (B) on the front of the slab.
  4. Insert the AA battery (C) in the battery holder.
  5. Use the time adjustment on the clock mechanism, to adjust the proper time.
  6. Hammer two finish nails into a wall and hang the clock at the desired location.
NOTE: Your burl slab will assuredly be a different shape and size than the one described in the materials list, and your clock mechanism may be a slightly different diameter and may have a different face than the one shown in the picture. This should not make a significant difference. Minor changes many be required, but the end result should be the same.

Congratulations, your wooden clock is finished and ready to use!

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